"Pleasant and likeable person! Marjut is clearly in the right business. She loves her job!"


Hi! My name is Marjut Uusmäe, I’m a real estate agent at Roof Group. I take care of real estate sales in the whole Helsinki region.

Whether you are looking for a new home, selling your investment or buying your very first own home, I’m here to help.

My way of doing real estate sales is being hard-working, honest and precise. Successful deal that makes both buyer and seller happy is an honor to me and I make sure everything goes smoothly for both parties.

Call me at: +358 40 680 7717

My work as real estate agent is a team effort. When I’m selling your home you’ll have access also to my skilled team´s expertise. We take good care of you and all our clients – together! My goal is to improve real estate business and be among the best realtors and provide the best service for homeowners selling and buying.


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Selling property & apartments in Helsinki region

My services as a real estate agent for apartment sellers

We provide a realistic, statistics based value estimate for your apartment. We know the prices around your neighbourhood and even your home street. You can freely ask me for an estimate right away, it is completely free or charge and no strings attached. 

Photography by a professional (included in my fee) 

A picture is worth a thousand words. I know the real estate market, but I´m not a photographer, so I will leave it to a professional who can make your home shine in pictures. A proper, well done photography is an essential tool when we want to attract the buyer. 

High quality aerial photography (included in fee)

In addition to displaying the insides of your apartment or house it´s essential to also show people around the neighborhood. That´s why I will also do high-quality, informative aerial photography. 

Aerial photos will help the prospective buyers to understand what the neighborhood looks like and how the building fits into it´s surroundings. Good aerial photography is agreat attraction especially when the building is located in exceptionally cozy or spectacular area.

Aerial photography is always included in my fee. 

Floor layout images (Included in fee)

High quality, informative floor layout images are always included in my fee.

Everyone who thinks about buying a new home carefully considers how an apartment or house fits in with their life. After all buying a home in Finland is considered likely be the biggest transaction many people make in their lifetime! 

Good floor layout images give the buyer a precise idea of rooms and the use of space in the apartment. Together with good photography it helps them to visualize their dream home in your apartment. 

Stylish print brochure

Sometimes good old printed brochure just works! I will produce a nice, stylish brochure that includes the photos shot by a professional photographer and also the floor layout images. Everyone who attends my open house gets one – and can be one step closer to buying the place! 

Private displays

It´s essential that the prospective buyers can see the apartment or house in private and take their time looking around, planning and asking questions. 

That´s why I´ll always invite prospective buyers for private displays. Most potential buyers can then go through all the questions they might have and we can plan things together with them. It´s easier to make big decissions that way. 


Digital marketing

My listings get a proper exposure online. Listings with full information and photos will be published on Finland´s biggest real estate search engines and marketed on my own and Roof Group website and in my social media accounts. Most buyers start their search for a new home online. My listings will be findable for everyone of them. 

Sales negotiation and help with deposits

When we start selling your apartment, soon we´ll start negotiations with the interested buyers. We will also help and simplify the process for them, for example helping with organizing their deposits and pave way for a smooth sale. This negotiation and paperwork process I take care of with great precission and attention to detail. 

Making the paperwork: bill of sale & title deed 

I will make the paperwork with great precission. Everything will be done for you, but explained in simple terms but in great attention to details. Real estate transaction is usually the largest deal many people make, so it is important - and my responsibilty - to see that everything goes right and smoothly. 

Organizing the meetings

When I find a buyer for you and you have accepted their offer, I will organize the sale meeting. In most cases it will be held in a bank. This, like all the other phases of the process, will be done for you! So you can relax and focus on your every day life just the way you want.

If you have any questions regarding my services or making real estate sales or purchases in Finland, please give me a call. I´m happy to help and answer your questions! If you consider selling your home you can invite me over for an appraisal. The appraisal, meaning a realistic, fact & statistics-based value estimate, is completely free and does not bind you to any contract. 

Call me at: +358 40 680 7717 or email at marjut.uusmae@roofgroup.fi

Best regards,

Marjut Uusmäe, Real Estate Agent (asuntomyyjä), Roof Group